Break The Chain

Break The Chain

In rural South-East Asia, the sale, trafficking and sexual exploitation of children is a huge concern. Children, especially young girls, regularly fall victim to prostitution, child marriage and online exploitation. Just this week I learned of a family who were struggling to buy rice due to the pandemic. In desperation, the family sold their 14-year-old daughter.


Stories like these are heartbreaking, and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. Our Break the Chain Appeal is targeting one of the areas where such threats are most real.


A town close to the Chinese border, popular with truckers, is a hotspot for exploitation. Many young girls who have come to the town for education can’t afford safe accommodation. They resort to sleeping in brothels, which are little more than wooden shacks. Vulnerable, and with few options, these young girls become ensnared by the activities of the brothel. This area is also known for its wide scale illegal opium poppy farms which exacerbates the problem.


With your help, we can reach these girls through the Break the Chain appeal. Our partners are fighting exploitation in four ways.

  1. Packs of essential items are being given to the girls in the brothels. These include a means of communication for the girls to contact their families or outreach teams.

  2. Safe work for vulnerable girls is being provided through the production of these packs.

  3. Education for school children on the dangers of trafficking has also been planned.

  4. A safe space has been secured where girls can receive prayer and study the Bible.

    A gift of just £25 could help our partners reach vulnerable girls in this town.

    CLICK TO DONATE (Select "Break the Chain" from the dropdown.)

    In an unreached area where girls are forgotten, and lives seem destined to darkness, please join us in breaking the chain by offering support and hope for these young victims.

    Thank you.

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    Rescued from Shame

    Rescued from Shame


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