Sawasdee from Bangkok!!

Sawasdee from Bangkok!!

Bangkok currently has very tight restrictions and lock-down continues due to the increase in COVID cases of the Delta variant. 

Today watching video updates from our partners the streets are eerily empty, and the bars and restaurants have been shut down. Although in many ways it is a blessing the bars are closed but many of the women are suffering greatly with loss of income. Simple necessities like purchasing food is a huge struggle.

Many of the women are piling into shared rented rooms, sleeping in hallways and cutting their meals to one a day — barely hanging on. The women do not receive any government help as their informal jobs do not qualify them for such benefits. 

Please pray for our partners in Bangkok, as they strive to reach out to the women in need through these difficult and challenging times.

Our partner project in Bangkok was founded by Mike & Kay in 2010. Kay first visited the infamous Patpong red-light district on a ministry trip with a friend. It was during this time that the Lord broke her heart for girls all over Bangkok who were trapped in a horrifying situation and in desperate need for the Lord.

Together with her husband, Mike, they decided to begin development of a ministry to give these women a way out of the trap that they were in.

Today they help many women discover an alternative to life in the sex trade and most importantly about God's love and how God wants them to be healed and free.

One way of reaching the women is through offering new job opportunities. Our Surin jewellery supports holistic restoration for women escaping sexual exploitation in Bangkok. Opportunities are provided in jewellery and clothing production alongside life skills training and educational support. Social, emotional, physical and spiritual development are also provided. Through this work, women ensnarled in the sex trade in Thailand are rescued, restored, and empowered by the grace and love of God.

“I used to walk with my head down because I was ashamed. Now I catch myself with my head held high because I am really proud of the jewellery I am making.” Dao

You can view the jewellery which is artistically handcrafted by rescued women in Bangkok in our Surin collection. These metal pieces are delicately shaped in a versatile and classic style. Individually hammered and brushed, the uneven texture of the organic surface elegantly reflects light.

You can also help us reach out to the many women and continue providing practical COVID relief by giving - selecting where most need. 

We are so thankful for God's provision and the breakthroughs this past year. COVID was and is still challenging, but we have heard good news and have seen good things God has done reaching those in need. God used the circumstances to bring good and we are blessed to be part of what He is doing.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying and for all your support. There are needs everywhere and we are so honoured that you pray for us and remember us.

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