Hope House

Hope House

Pattaya in Thailand is home to a reported 27,000 prostitutes, roughly one fifth of the city’s population. Prior to the pandemic, more than a million sex tourists visited each year. Our vision is to see each exploited woman leave the sex industry in Pattaya for good.


Our work through Soi Six has developed and an exciting new opportunity to help women in need has been created. Our partners have a purchased a building which has undergone extensive renovation. Hope House will be a safe place where hope, healing and new life will be offered to the thousands of women trapped in the sex industry.


We want each woman who enters Hope House to be able to obtain and hold a job using skills learned while at the home. Counselling and rehabilitation will be provided for each woman, as well as for the wider community in Pattaya.


Above all, we want to show these women that they are worth so much more, that they are valued, and that they are loved. We want them to grow in strength and dignity, finding freedom and hope in Jesus Christ.


You can help Hope House get started by providing essential items to furnish the home. Below is a simple shopping list that you can browse. You could help this vital ministry simply by purchasing an everyday object like a bedside table, pillows or even a mop!

Each purchase you make will provide that product to the home in Pattaya!