Desert Sunrise Set (Teal)

Earrings : Gold-plated pendant, 0.4" L. Available in Pink or Teal.

Necklace : 18k gold-plated pendant and chain, 16" with 1.3" extension chain. Available in Teal or Pink.

Bracelet : 18K gold-plated pendant and chain, 0.5” extension chain. Available in Teal or Pink. Each available in 6.5" and 7".

These earrings were inspired by the resiliency of women like May Yu Zin, who come to our partners shelter after experiencing overwhelming injustice, betrayals, and trauma. They are like the desert flowers that miraculously flourish in the harshest conditions, their leaves surviving even under the fierce desert sun.

Growing up in a large poverty-stricken family in a large slum in Myanmar, May Yu Zin left school early to help her mother care for her eight other siblings. Buried in debt and at the very end of their means, an agent visited the family and offered a month’s salary upfront for a lucrative factory job in a foreign country. May Yu Zin took the job despite her suspicions but ended up locked in a room full of other girls like her and far from home. However, despite the impossible circumstances, May Yu Zin held on to hope and bided her time, watching her captors carefully.

Her story of escape and how she was even advised by a stranger in her tribal dialect miles from home is nothing short of miraculous. The resilience of women and girls like May Yu Zin is astounding, and we can only compare them to desert flowers.


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