Flower Tote Bag

Introducing our exquisite Flower Embroidered Tote Bags, where artistry meets empowerment. Handcrafted with care by resilient and talented women who have overcome adversity in South-East Asia, these tote bags are not just accessories; they're symbols of strength, hope, and creativity.

Each tote bag is a masterpiece of intricate flower embroidery, meticulously stitched by skilled hands that have found solace and purpose in craftsmanship. The vibrant colors and delicate designs of the flowers reflect the beauty that can emerge from even the most challenging circumstances.

The Flower Embroidered Tote Bags are more than just stylish companions for your daily adventures – they carry with them stories of transformation. By supporting these products, you contribute directly to the livelihoods of these amazing women, empowering them to rebuild their lives and create brighter futures.

Ethically sourced. Fully lined and interior pocket. Brass button fastener. 

Approx : 44cm (h) x 35cm (w)


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