Hope for a Baby

Hope for a Baby - Rescue a little one from exploitation



In the wake of the pandemic, unemployment and poverty continue to force many people in Myanmar to abandon their babies, or to sell them out of desperation. The ongoing political unrest has only increased the problem.

Sadly, this situation of extreme poverty is being exploited by organ traffickers who buy babies for around £350 and profit from their bodies.



Our partners in the country need your help to open ‘Hope for the Baby’ house, where they will care for vulnerable little ones in a loving environment. You can help to end this horror and give these innocent babies a chance at life.


How to Help

£25 = Nappies and wet wipes for five babies for a month

£50 = Bottles, formula feeds and vitamins for five babies for a month

£100 = Three highchairs and three cots

£350 would help our partners ‘buy’ a baby’s life