Courageous Heart Bracelet

Sterling silver or 18K gold-plated chain and pendant, engraved with "Love", 0.5" extension chain. Available in 6.5" and 7" L.

At the end of her long journey across the border, Mei Mei expected to start her new factory job. Instead, she was locked in a small house and forced to marry a man with severe mental illness.

As if life couldn't get worse for her, she disappointed her in-laws by having a daughter rather than the expected son. When we met her, Mei Mei had been picked up by local authorities, separated from her child, and served months in jail on immigration violations.

Stories like Mei Mei’s inspired our awareness training for at-risk communities and officials. Mei Mei is now free from sexual slavery and has been working for our partners for a few years now. She is grateful for her new life but still hopes to be reunited with her daughter one day. Mei Mei’s courage continues to inspire those around her.

This bracelet was created in honour of her daughter. Mei Mei hopes the miniature heart serves as an invitation for both mother and daughter to live out courageous love.


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