Don't Give Up Locket and Necklace

Stainless steel chain, 17" in length with a 1.3" extension chain.  White gold-plated stainless steel 0.7" by 1.1" locket pendant with stainless steel chain 19" in length with 1.3" extension chain. 

Moe Lay has been trapped in slavery all her life. At the age of 15, her virginity was sold to a brothel by her friends. At 19, she married a gambling addict who forced her to work in street prostitution. Then, in order to pay for medical treatment, Moe Lay needed to take out a loan and for 2 years she was in bondage and was forced to starve herself and her children to pay it back. 

Despite everything, Moe Lay never gave up pursuing her dreams. She realised that in order to unlock the ‘Promises of Hope’, she had to free herself from the chains of fear that had held her captive for her whole life by using the key of freedom and confronting injustice.


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