Nokor Freedom

Nokor Freedom

With each bead individually handmade, these truly unique pieces paint a story of freedom whilst opening doors for the girls to express their creativity. A key on each piece represents freedom, whilst a pearl represents the jewellery's Cambodian origin. Finally, a ‘Victorious Kingdom Women’ bead shows solidarity with those in sexual slavery and celebrates victory over poverty.

Each bead is individually made with love and care where no two pieces are the same. If you order two pieces in the same colour, for example, they will have been completed using different beads or bead patterns within that colour palette. Every piece is therefore unique!

Nokor Supports

Nokor jewellery equips women to break out from cycles of poverty and exploitation. This range helps to provide skills training, counselling and a safe working environment. Women here discover a new life and a sustainable income, enabling them to raise their children under a banner of hope.

“Most people looked away when they passed by. It wouldn’t matter to them if you were lying there, bleeding to death. Until one night a lady from the project spoke with me. I was so lost in the love and acceptance of her eyes. I had longed for this love that I hadn’t experienced in years.”

10 million children are enslaved worldwide.

One in four victims of modern slavery are children.