Desert Sand Earrings

18K gold-plated stainless steel 2.6"H x 1.6"W earrings and posts with handmade polymer clay in mixed terracotta colour.

This jewellery tells the story of the many young Myanmar women who after the economic, social, and judicial collapse of their country, were sold by their mothers as a final act of complete desperation. 

Despite the tragedies that these young women have faced, like an emerging desert flower, they endured and overcame the harsh desert conditions and with incredible resilience blossomed. The rescue and transformation of these young girls can be very challenging, but we are reminded that just as flowers can spring forth from dry deserts through the basic elements of sand, earth, water, and stone, so can freedom spring forth through the basic elements of love, hope, faith, and courage.

*This item is mixed with several colours, resulting in different patterns or colours for each batch of clay. Therefore the earring that you receive will be unique and not necessarily the same as that pictured. 


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