Hope Statement Necklace Set

Our Hope Statement Necklace Set is a reminder of our mission to be light, bring hope, and share love. This bundle of two necklaces features a 20” necklace with a 0.4” by 0.6” rectangular pendant engraved with “HOPE” along with a 0.2” heart-shaped pendant and a 0.3” star pendant adorned with cubic zirconia. Coupled with this is a 17” rope chain. Both chains have 1.3” extensions and all materials are 18K gold-plated stainless steel.

Mai Lae’s journey is one of bravery and healing. When she first joined our partner's program, she had escaped from a traumatic trafficking experience; and though she was physically safe and sound, she was emotionally scarred. Mai Lae suffered from intense panic attacks that dissuaded her from speaking with or being near other people. Though she joined our various classes and activities, Mai Lae never wanted to interact with others or be too involved in anything, save our singing time. 

Very slowly, we engaged her in trauma-focused counselling and encouraged her in the joy she found in singing. Her story is one of steady restoration and empowerment; so much so that all those around her noticed her gradual improvement and increasing sense of freedom.

This handmade jewellery encourages the wearer to continue in their own personal battles. It is a reminder that we can overcome seemingly impossible obstacles by taking one small step at a time.


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