Time For Freedom Post Earrings

18K gold-plated stainless steel or stainless steel 0.6" "free" pendants on 18K gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver posts. 

Against all odds, the photo of Haymar finally reunited with her family matched the painting she’d hung on the Wall months before.

She was first separated from them when she traded rural life for a job in the city as a maid. Unsure about where to turn after escaping her abusive boss, Haymar took the help of a young man… only to learn that the shelter he gave was in a brothel. When our partners outreach met her, Haymar had suffered eight years of traumatic sexual exploitation and abuse. As her body healed, Haymar became hopeful about her future. She began to dream of finding her lost family.

These earrings were inspired by Haymar’s enduring hope. Hope requires us to believe that a renewed future is possible when everything around us suggests otherwise. Hope pulls us through the darkness if we can just hold on tight enough. These earrings feature the word “free” a word that Haymar now sees in the loving embrace of her family.


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